Look! Up in the sky....

Look! Up in the sky. It's a plane, it's a... passenger drone? Yes, in Dubai this reality of traveling from one rooftop to another has already come to pass. Frank Lloyd Wright designed a similar system in his Broadacre Community Plan.

We could be calling Uber from a rooftop downtown to take us to the airport or to lower Manhattan from the Rockefeller Center, if only people would have taken Frank more seriously.

Maybe it sounds like a Star Trek episode, but passenger drones are a THING now. Make no mistake. The Ehang 184 can carry people from one tall building to another. All you have to do is call from your cell phone and charge the ride to your account.

That's one creative solution to urban traffic. The bike still has a smaller ecological footprint. Still, a drone does have some advantages, I have to admit.

The Art Library in Brooklyn Has My Sketchbook

Today I sent my Sketchbook to the Brooklyn Art Library, NY, where you can go to visit it anytime. The deadline for this year's project is April 30, and I mailed it off a few days early. Every page contains a watercolor on tea bag paper. I drank the tea. Let the paper of the tea bags dry each time. When it dried thoroughly I painted on the paper with watercolor. The sketchbook contains a chronological story of tea time during the sketchbook project period of about 6 months.
This page has the only tea bag with tag attached. The image is inspired by a tile in my shower. Sometimes I drink tea in the shower. In part 2, the afternoon comes to an end and leans into evening. A good time for tea. We have owls and sometimes I can hear their hoots. All together there are 16 watercolors on tea bags in this sketchbook. 

Vacation Summation

Visiting nuclear sites on your bucket list for vacations? Here's an inside story on what to look for and what you might find.


Follow the Magic of Hartvig H. Kunts in Action

If you visit Hartvig Hansen Kunts' FB page, you can watch him create this one of kind beast.
The webpage is here but to watch the videos go search for him on FB.

Low maintenance ever blooming flowers

Craig Mitchell's Garden of Glass at Missouri Botanical Garden.



Autumn Aspens

Of all the watercolor paintings I've attempted in the last year (my first year of watercolor), the aspens in autumn give me the most satisfaction. I've like very few of my watercolors, actually. Like the other paintings I've done, I found inspiration from a photograph. I chose to go wet on dry which I've not done in any of the other paintings. It gave me more control and in watercolor there really is no control, for me at least. The color depth, darks and brights were more manageable. I like aspen and birch groves so I'll be doing more of this subject.